About the SA Job Factory

The SA Job Factory is a division of MF Rotary Network in Collaboration with MF Rotary Network International, Stewarts International, Open Source Network, the National Business Forum and SABBC TV.

We have revamped our Network to be more Market Specific and Market Orientated. We have incorporated various Market Specific Associations and Network Organizations to Collaborate in Market Specific Applications for "EASY REFERENCE".

The SA Job Factory has been established to meet the demands on Labour Issues and to be a platform and network where individuals can locate the various Recruitment Agencies and Human Resource Facilities at the various Companies. It is our vision and mission to provide a Fully Functional Platform for Employers and Recruitment Agencies and Service where they can either market themselves, or post Career Opportunities and even get assistance with the drafting of CVs and tips on behavior and what to expect during interviews. The SA Job Factory is a division of MF Rotary Network and we Efficiently unleash cross-media networking. Quickly maximize timely information for real time optimization. Saving you Time, Finding Personnel or Finding a Job. We believe it is essential to Target your Desired Market Audience with Market Specific information and in such a manner, fashion and style, that you will keep your Audience keen and interested.with effective communication. We always strive to exceed our Members Expectations with state of the art Service Excellence and Networking.

Networking is part of the Marketing Mix, used by successful Entrepreneurs worldwide. It is vitally important ingredients in the BUSINESS RECIPE. Following the recipe to the letter will ensure results.

No lengthy Contracts and Commitments. Stay a member for as long as it works for you. JUST REMEMBER - If you were to resign from a Cluster and your seat is filled by another professional within your industry, you will not be allowed back. 

Membership to MF Rotary Network is AFFORDABLE and it WORKS!

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Network Function attendance on average R120.00 per Networking Function.

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